*Please do not
let in the cat*

Because it simply must be done, Minnesota Artist/Library Associate Chris Schommer and New York Illustrator/Designer Gamze Genc Celik are going to finish what they inadvertently started. After Chris put up a notice that Max was not allowed in the Library, the sign got shared worldwide and seems to have made many people very happy. “The sign was written as if I were telling a story to my three years old daughter, so I always thought of it as a children’s book,” Chris said on Washington Post.

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"Meet Max, the cat who lost the library but won the Internet"

Max, an aspiring library cat in St. Paul, Minn., spent time outdoors before his grounding. (Courtesy of Connie Lipton/Instagram)

Washington Post

Max the Cat wants to go to the library. But the library doesn’t want Max the Cat.

No, that’s not the start of a children’s book. It’s the real-life saga of a cat from Minnesota named Max who was banned from his local library. According to social media posts shared by his owner, Connie Lipton, and plenty of students on campus, Max frequented Macalester College’s DeWitt Wallace Library in Saint Paul often. But he won’t be anymore.

On Wednesday, Twitter user Erin McGuire posted a photo of a sign that the DeWitt Wallace library put on its doors.

*Please do not let the cat in* the flier starts.

“His name is Max. Max is nice. His owner does not want Max in the library. We do not want Max in the library. Max wants to be in the library. Please do not let Max into the library.”

A library employee confirmed that the flier was real and staffer Christopher Schommer wrote the text. Illustrator Gamze Genc Celik created the design. In other words, it’s totally real.

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